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Most services and applications are dependent on the availability, integrity and timeliness of information stored in databases. In most cases, there are several users and applications, which can alter the contents of a database. It is also common that information collected for one purpose is put to a database and it gets then used in other applications

For these reasons there is an obvious need to analyze, whether the existing or planned databases can meet the needs of an application or whether they can be used to implement a given service.

The purpose of a Databases module is:
  • To provide a tool for analyzing whether a database or a group of databases can be used to implement a given functionality or service.
  • To make sure that the information retrieved from databases is correct, up to date and consistent.
  • To help to find potential problems with databases and data processing and to solve them

  • Scope
    The module is based on
  • various process and data modeling techniques
  • comparing the database(s) to be evaluated and the results of the modeling to the requirements set by the service or application in question

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    Evaluation of Digiroad road and street information system 2007 The objective of the work was to assess the utilisation of public sector data of road and street networks in information service provision and the data pricing principles. The work contained the socio-economic profitability of the Digiroad road and street network information system, user views on Digiroad, a nd the position of Digiroad in the markets. The work was carried out with the help of a literature survey as well as www surveys and expert interviews directed to the users of Digiroad and road haulage and logistic companies. Report [Fi]



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