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Social Impact

This module studies the evaluation of social impacts of transport policy decisions and transport system measures and services.

The results of the evaluation can be utilized in e.g. choosing between alternative strategies and measures, monitoring project progress and evaluating the social impacts of the implementation of measures.

Social impacts of transport system programmes, plans and projects.

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Reference Cases
Related modules Case Year Description Report
Social Impact
Socio-economic impacts of meteorological information services 2007 Case study for the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

This research outlines the benefits of meteorological information services provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). The services provided either publicly or on a commercial basis are analysed from the viewpoints of transport, logistics, construction and facilities management, energy production and distribution and agricultural production. The main emphasis is on transport.
Report [Fi]
Social Impact
Benefits of meteorological service in Croatia 2007 Case study for DHMZ Croatia.

This research report looks into the benefits of hydrological and meteorological information services in Croatia. The benefits generated by the day-to-day services were investigated by beneficiary sector. Each sector was studied by different researchers. The methods used were multiple: literature reviews and statistics, expert interviews and workshops, and analytical, conceptual and qualitative model building and modeling of expected impacts.
Report [En]
Social Impact
Potential of a natural disaster warning system 2007 The research goal was to determine in which accident and normal circumstances a natural disaster warning system (Luonnononnettomuuksien varoitusjärjestelmä, LUOVA) could yield significant financial, health and environmental benefits. Report [Fi]
Social Impact
Impacts of Matka.fi journey planner service 2007 Matka.fi is an internet-based journey planner for long distance public transport. It facilitates the planning of trips and new trip alternatives. Matka.fi benefits bus and train operating companies as new passengers generate additional ticket revenues. The society benefits from better mobility of the citizens and from the decreased use of private cars, also resulting in a reduction of environmental costs. In this study these impacts were estimated based on statistical data and user questionnaire. Most impacts were also monetized. Report [Fi]



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