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Logistics Value Network

By evaluating the value creation process, organisation or business unit (focal) whose business model relies on the network under consideration finds out how the value is created throughout the chain and what is its role in this value creation process from the customer's point of view.

As a result of the efficiency and productivity measurement organization or unit gets a list of non-financial and financial metrics that are based on operative, tactical and strategic level.

The aim of the Logistics Value Network module is to provide help in finding out the targets for improvement in logistics value networks by presenting two approaches for that:

- Evaluating the value creation in logistics value network
  • evaluation process, which helps organisation or business unit to find out how value is created throughout the network
- Tools for analysis; e.g. network mapping, network indicators, value drivers etc.
  • efficiency and productivity measurement in logistics value network
  • measurement process, which helps companies to define the most suitable metrics for logistics value network
  • performance measurement metrics and models

The primary scope is in logistics networks, but the same approach is applicable to other lines of business as well.


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