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Evaluation modules related to business.

Information Networks >>

    The objective of the evaluation module is to help conceptualize the aggregate of consortiums required by the different phases of the development and realization of an information service from the optimal cooperation and network point of view of a service network. The implementation method, extent and depth of the evalaution depend on the phase of the life span of the service and on the available resources.

Logistics Value Network >>

    The aim of the Logistics Value Network module is to provide help in finding out the targets for improvement in logistics value networks by presenting two approaches for that:

    - Evaluating the value creation in logistics value network
    • evaluation process, which helps organisation or business unit to find out how value is created throughout the network
    - Tools for analysis; e.g. network mapping, network indicators, value drivers etc.
    • efficiency and productivity measurement in logistics value network
    • measurement process, which helps companies to define the most suitable metrics for logistics value network
    • performance measurement metrics and models

Market and Foresight >>

    This evaluation module seeks answers to questions like:
  • How will the technologies develop during the time period of interest?
  • How will the market develop during the time period of interest?
  • What are their implications for the service under evaluation?
  • How to avoid or mitigate the eventual adverse implications?

Revenue and Finance >>

    The aim of the module "revenue logic and finance"is to:
  • aid in the evaluation of the financial profitability of the whole service,
  • aid in the evaluation of the financial profitability of the service to each individual actor of the service
  • provide help to derive financial key figures (like breakeven point) to form basis for the profitability evaluation of the service
  • aid in the evaluation of financing options for investments needed to establish the service
  • aid in the evaluation of more

User Needs >>

    Main goals of user needs -module are as follows: 1) to emphasize the importance of user centred approach in any development process, especially the ones including new technology with HCI (human computer interaction) 2) to give an overview of the methods to ensure user centred approach in the development process, 3) to give overview of the complexity of the area of HCI in traffic and 4) to list some examples of the user centered studies conducted at VTT during the past 15 years.



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