EVASERVE is a set of evaluation tools for information services. It is developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

It has been designed to support the development and implementation of different kind of information services, and it covers the whole value network and lifecycle from ideas and user needs to evaluation of impacts. The modular structure enables flexible evaluation customization by taking into account the essential viewpoints without making the evaluation process unreasonably tedious.

For what purposes EVASERVE tools can be used?

Evaserve has been designed for especially information services related to transport and logistics. Most of its tools and methods are also suitable for evaluation of information services for other sectors. Evaserve covers the whole lifecycle of an information service from design and development to implementation and analysis of actual impacts.

How and by whom are EVASERVE tools used?

EVASERVE tools can be used by service developers and evaluation experts. It is not an automatic system, but instead the modules provide practical tools for experts to use in the evaluation process of different cases. Experts at VTT have used the EVASERVE tools for transportation, logistics, road weather as well as teaching technology evaluations. To get a hold of the experts, see Contact & Info

Why has EVASERVE been divided into modules?

Evaluation studies are quite different from one case to another. EVASERVE has been divided into modules to allow greater flexibility in the evaluation process. The set of modules to be included in an evaluation can be chosen according to customer needs and the characteristics of the evaluation object.

The EVASERVE Framework

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